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Organizing in your Community

From our research, we found that getting involved with spreading cyber sexual assault awareness has helped individuals with recovery from their cyber sexual assault experience. If you are interested in bringing awareness and organizing events in your community about cyber sexual assault, here are helpful examples and toolkits.

End Tech Abuse Toolkit  
“The tools available in this toolkit were identified as a result of researching related issues, resources, and response processes available to young people impacted by cyber abuse, including a series of listening sessions with youth and adult first-responders.”

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Program Toolkit
“Advocates are powerful people. Being present, listening, and validating are some of the most helpful skills advocates have that survivors are not likely to get elsewhere. Still, it may not feel like enough. This guide is intended to provide practical tools, activities, and resources to assist you in your work with survivors of sexual violence– to build on the strengths you already bring to your advocacy practice.”